Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson Is My Idol I Love Him So Much & Leo Messi, Legends Never Gonna Die. Price Of Fame


    "There is no greater bliss than dancing and performing. It is like a celebration and when you are caught up in that place, where certain performers go when they become one with the music, one with the audience, if you are on that level, it is like being in a trance, it just takes over. You start to play off each other and start to know where you are going before you get there. They have got to know where you are taking it and respond. It is like playing ping-pong. It is like when the birds go (migrate) and they all know when they are going. Or like fish. They are telepathic, they are on the same line. That´s what happens when you perform, you are at one with the musicians and the dance and the music and you are in this trance. And man, you got ´em. They are in the palm of your hand. It´s unbelievable. You feel you are transformed"- Michael Jackson

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    LOL his face after they give him the jar! He looked so confused.


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